Paintings by

Ninni Hellström

My name is Ninni Hellström, and I’m an artist and illustrator from Stockholm in Sweden.

I’m currently based in London but will partially be living in Stockholm from next year.

I absolutely love to paint, especially details but also abstract. You’ll see both art forms on my website.

I gave up my IT job at the end of 2019. It was time to follow my heart, start painting and be creative.

With the required time available, I’m now able to pursue my ambition.

I brief history about myself: I was educated at two art schools in Sweden, the first one in Nässjö and then in Stockholm. I ended up working in the IT field but could still carry on with my artwork in my spare time. I illustrated two children's books and painted Christmas images on shop windows during Christmas time.

I also been painting portraits and other motives at the request.

Two exhibitions are planned. I will participate in The Bricklane Gallery in London.

I’m so excited! Please come and visit! Dates below.

Abstract exhibition between the 8th - 21st June.

Portraits exhibition between the 20th July - 2nd August.

Thank you for visiting!